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Hurricane Academy’s staff demonstrates excellent communication and leadership skills that are meant to be engaging and motivating to the youth. Our staff has a clear vision, direction, focus, drive and understanding of each individual so as to nurture them to their full potential. This is done with cultural and professional insight of the environment and its people.

Hurricanes Academy, through its sporting ties aims to be a bridge for its athletes to branch into more elite and bigger sporting arenas in their chosen sporting discipline.

The Academy’s core value is inclusiveness for all age groups and skill sets, with the focus on developing a positive strong and stable sporting presence.

We run an internal academy that facilitates a variety of sports that enhance athletic talent. This is done by a highly qualified group of coaches and staff for the sporting disciplines on offer. These include:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Sporting Events
  • Physical Education


During the offseason, Hurricanes Academy has come up with a program that maintains a relationship with our business partners, such as schools. Our offseason programs includes:

  • Indoor Sports Clubs for all our sporting disciplines.
  • Boot camps for further sporting interactions.
  • Sports tournaments that add a competitive edge to the sporting interactions.

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An additional service available to schools is Pre-Season Camps specializing in Fitness and Conditioning in the desired sporting discipline.

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Hurricanes Academy delivers a ground breaking Sports and Educational programme. Working in partnership with our educational partners bringing youth the opportunity to gain full time employment in coaching coupled with gaining valuable academic qualifications.

With Sports Licensed coaches coaching and professional tutors, we endeavor to achieve sporting and academic excellence on and off the pitch.

Our students will be based at our training centres for four days of the week. Our educational program offers a unique opportunity for students to train and study in an environment that nurtures both their academic and sporting excellence. With the help of our coaches and their experience, Hurricanes Academy ensures that the highest quality of education is maintained.



Beginners Age U5-9

At grassroots level, the athletes are taught different sporting disciplines using age appropriate lesson plans and techniques.

The athletes are coached on the basic fundamentals of their chosen discipline in a fun and interactive manner.

Sessions are done twice a week with Saturdays being set aside for academy matches for the 7-9 age group, the 4-6 age group will play monthly tournaments against similar academy sides.

Each player is awarded a Completion Certificate at the annual Gala Awards.



Intermediate Age U10-14

This is a progression from grassroots level.

At this stage, we introduce semi-competitive training while keeping sessions age appropriate for all sporting disciplines which include:

  • Technical skill enhancement.
  • Health and fitness.
  • Sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • Advanced sports mental stimulation.
  • Entry level boot camps.

Again, our players receive Course Completion Certificates at the end of the year with more specific awards such as Player of the Year, Players’ Player of the Year and Most improved player.



Adolescent Age U15-19

At this level, competitive training will be introduced so as to create an environment that acts as stepping stone for higher levels of competition such as Club Sports and School District Leagues.

It is compulsory for the athletes to participate in at least one training session per week. Failure to do so will result in the athlete not being part of the weekly league matches.

All athletes associated with the Academy will benefit vastly from our training and sporting facilities. There also is the additional benefit of sporting trials for excelling and outstanding athletes with various well known clubs.

Our Academy also exposes its athletes through life changing sports related tours in and around South Africa and abroad.

For those athletes that excel at this level can also earn a spot in the Hurricanes Sporting Club.



Sporting Mentor Package

We offer eight (8) options in our package that cover a broad spectrum so as to cater for all young people, regardless of their particular sporting interests.

Input at assemblies and tutor groups

The Activity Leaders aim is to engage with the student at the best level possible. They will attend assemblies and tutor groups. They can also have fiscal oversight and/or input, if requested, into the students general molding.

Advice at Parents evenings

The Activity Leader will provide a spoken or written report for the students parents. This creates an opportunity for the leader to meet and interact with the parents, giving them the relevant communication in relation to their childs progress.

Daily report

This is aimed at having a data base that grades the youth on activities such as Participation, Interaction, Enjoyment and Learning for each sporting activity.

Career Education Programmes

The activity leader will support the student in career education programmes and offer support and guidance to aid their continued sporting development.

One on one interviews with schools/organisations to identify priority young people

To measure our impact and the benefits of our service to young people, we organize interviews to acquire a more in depth knowledge of priority young people.

Support for Physical Education curriculum

The Activity Leader will assist the Physical Education teachers, to support, direct and facilitate sessions.

Create written action plans

The Activity Leader will work with the students to create objectives and an agreed action plan for upcoming sessions. This creates greater engagement and also improve communication between coach and team.

Organise teams and after school activities

Hurricane Academy will assist in the organisation and running of teams and tournaments outside of school hours, both in house and within the community plus we also promotes other activities that may not necessarily be sports related.


Professional Consulting

Player development is at the forefront of our Academy. Hurricanes Academy offers a professional consultancy program for grassroots academies, in particular schools, colleges and universities.


We have forged strong, successful partnerships with a number of organisations that seek to enhance their players development in a variety of ways structure, positional understanding, technical ability and game understanding.

Some but not all of the services we offer are listed below:

  • Assess structure with written report.
  • Advice and implement structures.
  • Descriptive player positions and roles.
  • Subject specific sessions.
  • A coaching syllabus.
  • Subject specific sessions.
  • Provision of coaches to run sessions.
  • Mapping out a playing style and philosophy that meets specific organizational requirements
  • Visit match day fixtures.
Training Hub

Sporting Sessions

The Training Hub is a weekly sporting session run by the Academy coaches. All players within the community are welcome to participate in these quality sessions delivered by fully qualified coaches. The aim with these sessions is to:

  • Maximize technical development.
  • Develop social and psychological skills.
  • Enhance game understanding.
  • Build a fun environment with a hardworking ethos.


Our state of the art, all weather venue is easily accessible by local transport and has an on-site car park. For further information and registration, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Values & Objective

  • Respect for one another and the environment.
  • We do not discriminate (or condone any form of discrimination).
  • At the Training Hub all athletes are welcome, be it for fun or the enhancement of skills.


Our training environment and coaching is designed to be:

  • Fun
  • Interactive
  • Creativity
  • Challenging
  • Educational
  • Technical

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Positions Available

We are looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help build the platform that empowers the future generation.

Football Coach

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Cricket Coach

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Athletics Coach

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Basketball Coach

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Swimming Instructor

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Hockey Coach

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Volleyball Coach

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Tennis Coach

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Rubgy Coach

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Netball Coach

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